You REALLY have to see it to Believe It!!


* You don't have to look very far in any city to find a big burger challenge. But not many feature 3 pounds of meat with thick, cheesy, grilled cheese sandwiches in place of buns. Not many replace the standard side of fries with 2 pounds of jo jo potatoes the size of big rig pistons. This challenge not only included elements that added to its uniqueness but managed to stick to the simple principle of great taste. It was not only huge, but delicious. Eat this beast in 25 minutes or less and your meal is free and you earn a cool t-shirt. The record time for this burger was an amazing 9 minutes 57 Seconds.

* The Loose Wheel may have all the appearance of a sports bar, but judging from the lunchtime crowd, the food is what brings in the customers. The kitchen was turning out tasty looking burgers, sandwiches, and dinner sized salads. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere comfortable and spacious.