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Clam Strips Basket

Delicious, meaty clam strips served with fries and choice of two sauces.

SIDE:Fries Tots Chips JoJos +$1Sweet Potato Fries +$1Onion Rings +$1Side Salad +$1.50None
DIPPING SAUCE/DRESSING:Ranch Onion Ring Honey Mustard Bleu Cheese Salsa Salsa Ranch Sour Cream BBQ 1000 Island Tartar Ketchup Marinara Dijon Mustard Yellow Mustard Raspberry Vinaigrette Sweet Chili Garlic Balsamic French Italian None
EXTRA DIPPING SAUCE/DRESSING:Ranch +$0.25Bleu Cheese +$0.25Salsa +$0.25Salsa Ranch +$0.25Sour Cream +$0.50BBQ +$0.251000 Island +$0.25Tartar +$0.25Onion Ring Sauce +$0.25Ketchup +$0.25Honey Mustard +$0.25Marinara +$0.50Dijon Mustard +$0.25Yellow Mustard +$0.25Sweet Chili +$0.25Garlic Balsamic +$0.25French +$0.25Italian +$0.25

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